Aquarelles Commissions Lessons

Maya Korlas is a water colour Architect-Artist, she sells her paintings and drawings, offers commissions for watercolour portraits of houses and teaches art to children.

Maya creates her aquarelles in urban and rural surroundings, inspired by beautiful artworks of Natalia Goncharova, Leon Bakst and Ivan Bilibin. Russian Theater design and Art Nouveau in Europe inspired her imagination since she started drawings and painting at the age of 12. Please see Aquarelle Art for her formal qualifications.

Maya was trained in Russia in 1985-92, and took her first degree in Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg.  She worked as an architect in Russia in 1993-1998 and in the UK in 1999-2010. Maya takes commissions to paint private houses and views from apartments and large residences.

Maya Korlas gives lessons in watercolour painting and drawing to adults and young children, using her expertise in art. Please see Aquarelle Art page for details of classes.

The last twelve years in London and Yorkshire have shaped her individual artistic perspective and honed her distinct wet watercolour style. Maya Korlas  lives in Copenhagen since June 2010 and continues to create architectural illustrations and aquarelles.She exhibits her work at a different venues in Copenhagen.


Maya and her family relocated in 2010 to Denmark and now lives and works in the north of Copenhagen. See Contact page for updated contact details.

The Italian Vineyards, Cianti 2006